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Peace Tour, Europe
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification - International

True Mother and True Children continued in the Europe part of the world tour, with programs in fourteen nations: Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia, Albania, Croatia, Switzerland, Czech Rep., Denmark, Slovenia, Ireland, and United Kingdom from July 1st to 15, 2006.

July 1, 2006 Malta, Aalletta
On July 2, during hoondokhae, True Mother said: All of you attended this great event yesterday. What was your offering, what did you feel. The time that we started 20-30 years ago, and today, is it a different time. [different] What do you think is different? When I arrived in Malta, I learned that this country produced many holy people and saints. Did these saints fulfill their responsibility? No, they did not fulfill their own responsibility. Even among the saints, including those who lived with Jesus, did not fully understand or realize Jesus as the living messiah, at that time. The message that TM and KJN read yesterday is truly the textbook for our lives. This message is guiding us in our daily lives. When you read this message from this heart, then you know what to do in your daily life.

July 2, 2006 Poland, Warsaw

The Main Event was very well organized, and the stage was designed beautifully. The emcee was Grzegorz Galacki. The hall itself was packed; an extra room was opened up, and extra chairs brought in. There was very good unity between the Polish and German movements, and between 1st and 2nd generation, contributing to the success of the event. The VIP welcome remarks were given by Dr. Marceli Burdelski, on the Board of the Polish Political Science Association, and VP of the Asia Pacific Society, University of Gdansk. He spoke about the importance of the vision and work of Father and Mother Moon, and especially of the importance of UPF.

Following the presentations of Kook-jin nim and True Mother, and the Blessing, several VIPs and Ambassadors for Peace spoke, sharing their reflections. These speakers included Jan Roman Braun, President of the Polish and European Budo Sports Association; Rev. Jean-Luc Faure of the Pentecostal Church of Germany; Karl Christian Hausmann of FFWPU Germany; and, Krysztof Gago of IIFWP Poland. They were all genuinely inspired. Rev. Faure spoke of seeing a golden aura around True Mother

July 3, 2006 Romania, Bucarest
On July 4th during hoondokhae, True Mother spoke to members and the Ambassadors for Peace saying: "The physical world is temporary. It is like our time in our mother's womb. If we do not come out of the womb after ten months, we will die, and even the mother will die. So too, we are to be born into a new world. During our life in this world we have to always focus on practicing true love, since that is the central language in the spiritual world. This life is so important, as preparation for the spirit world. When you go to a friend's house, do you need a visa? We need to break down the barriers. This is the time to go beyond religions and nations and exist as one family.

You Ambassadors for Peace made a great effort, but please understand, for this country to change, you need to continue your work. Let's look at the world from God's point of view and think of how God can recover and restore His lost children through you."

July 4, 2006 Slovakia, Bratislava
On arrival, True Mother was welcomed by former President Michal Kovac; he was the first President of the new nation of the Slovak Republic. President Kovac spoke with Mother Moon and Kook Jin for about ten minutes at the airport. He spoke about the need to address the problem of family breakdown and expressed his appreciation for Father and Mother Moon and the message being carried around the world.

The main event took place at the Slovak National Theatre, a wonderful concert hall located in the center of the old city near the Danube River. It was the same hall where True Father spoke in 2005.

July 5, 2006 Hungary, Budapest

During the hoondokhae on July 6th, True Mother talked about children, new beginnings, springtime and harvest. She said:  "This is the time of ripeness, heavenly fortune and harvest, and yet so many are living in darkness. We need to bring people into the light. The age of indemnity with no result is over. Now, whatever you plant will yield result. I witnessed many miracles during my speaking tour.

She referred to the difficulties in entering some nations. "People are ignorant of what True Parents are doing for the world as true peacemakers. Spread the word of True Parents' work and accomplishments. People will see that this message is precious for their lives."

July 6, 2006 Bosnia - Herzegovina, Sarajevo
On July 7, during hoondokhae with members, True Mother talked about God's desire to dwell with His family. She said: "If Adam and Eve had perfected themselves, centered on God, then they would have been connected directly to God¡¯s love life and lineage," she said. "There would have been no nationalities, races or religions. Do you think the five major religions around the world exist according to a full understanding of God¡¯s will and purpose of creation? Even in this country and throughout the Balkan region, there is so much suffering and tragedy due to religious discord. Although God is one, religious people could not love one another, and individualistic, selfish attitudes brought so much suffering and conflict. So far the realm of religions have been a realm of brothers. Until the True Parents appear, the brothers quarrel and fight with one another."

July 7 2006 Albania, Tirana
During hoondokhae, on July 8th, True Mother mentioned that this was her third visit to Albania, and she compared the development of Albania and Korea. She referred to the devastation caused by the Korean War and described the 'New Village Movement' that brought a new spirit to the country. She said: "Father Moon sent young people out to the rural areas in the 1960s to inspire people, especially young people, to work together to revive the country," she said. "So many people who came to our international conferences in Korea are amazed by Korea's growth. Even those who left Korea want to come back to Korea when they see the growth and development of Korea. Why don¡¯t we build a New Village Movement here in Albania and truly change this country? Do not expect others to bring the solutions. I have great hope that you can be the peacekeepers and happiness-giving persons. The capacity to be that kind of person and to achieve true love and happiness is found in the messages given during this tour."

July 13, 2006 Ireland, Dublin
The main event in Dublin July 13 went very well. The hall was filled with 350 people. Halvard Iversen, assisted by native son Jack Corley and many others, put together an excellent program.

In a conversation over the lunch with leaders, Kook-jin nim mentions how success in any enterprise is linked to core management practices: setting up a clear, transparent, objective, factual reporting system; recognizing and rewarding good performance; and addressing causes and finding immediate solutions to poor performance.

He points out that an organization suffers when good performance is not recognized or rewarded -- or worst of all, is suppressed or penalized. Furthermore, good leadership is not about doing all the work yourself but being ¡°an honest broker¡± among a variety of talented contributors, having good judgment skills based on experience, and making good decisions based on honest accurate reporting. If very good people are not adequately recognized or rewarded, this affects growth, especially if ineffective leadership is rewarded.



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