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Peace Tour, South America
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification - International

True Mother and Hyo-jin nim continued the speaking tour in Africa, with programs in seven nations: Kenya, Tansania, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Benin, Cameroon, and Zambia from July 19 to July 26, 2006.

July 19, 2006  Kenya, Nairobi
On July 20, during hoondokhae True Mother said: "Many of you may admire the nations of the world. But from God's perspective, you in Africa have made more conditions of sacrifice that can be accepted by God. In a desert, when rain comes it disappears quickly. In Africa there is great hope, because you can see the value of God's word and the opportunity we have at this time. You may not have many external treasures or worldly possessions, but you can understand God's word and your faith is mature, so you can build a movement for a new heart and a "New Village Movement" in Africa. Have a big dream. Be a totally different person from yesterday. You should be the most developed continent in terms of heart and spirit."

July 20, 2006 Tanzania, Dar-es-salam

During hoondokhae, on July 21 as True mother was explaining about God's sorrow becuase of the human fall and separation from Him, she said: "African people are dynamic and active and outgoing, so should you hold back when you have this message from God?  You should multiply this blessing. Utilize the good nature God has given you and actively take this to all people, and you will be able fly out to the world, without your feet even touching the ground! 

I understand that Africa faces many challenges, difficulties such as poverty and AIDS.  Africa truly needs the purity and true family movement. Be the vanguard to lead a 'New Village Movement.' I see so much potential for this nation and continent. You can revive this nation. Restore your tribes. I see you as the hope of this nation and continent."

July 21, 2006 Ethiopia, Addis Ababa
During the event Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak said: When I met Father Moon in the early days, there so few followers, and his life was a single life. We easily recognized how he connected to the living God. He did not study in an academic institution, not theology or philosophy. His primary focus was always on his relationship with God. He always taught with such depth and meaning. He always taught with heart and tears.

Even then, he had a deep concern with the Middle East though he lived in Korea, so far away. He invested in interreligious dialogue long before it became widespread. He taught us to work to prevent wars based on religious and racial differences. Why? He knows God's agony and concern. For God there is no meaning in race or skin color. I lived with him after the Korean War when Korea had hardly enough food. We often had to fast just because there was no food. In Korea there were so many beggars and orphans. People came to us to beg, but when they saw the food we ate, they left and went elsewhere. His peace teaching has its origin in God Himself.

Today you heard about the word True Parents, True Father, True Mother. They are the model for us. I myself am a follower seeking to be a True Person, a True Husband, a True Parent, God centered. The common element in all this is "true love." This is the way of a true love life, to be practices in a three generational family. Not the idea of nuclear family. Children need love of their parents and grandparents love. So three generations is the model family. In Ethiopia let us think not just of family, but of God-centered, true love family. This is the basis of peaceful society, nation, and world. Around the world there are 100,000 Ambassadors for Peace and all are dedicated to this ideal, and each day are taking steps to improve and embody this ideal.

July 23, 2006 Nigeria, Abuja
On July 23rd, only about 1200 people were able to squeeze into the event and another 200 to 300 into the overflow room.  The hotel told us that many people were turned away outside. Our ushers were challenged by aspirant attendees pushing forcefully to enter the room, even though there were no remaining seats. The hall was clearly not large-enough, but it was the largest we could get on short notice because of a last minute change of date.  

Virtually every newspaper, radio, TV and magazine organization in Abuja was present at the event. Photographers and cameramen lined the sides and back of the hall. We have heard that there was substantial TV coverage of the event and have been told that a number of newspaper articles will appear today. Pre-event coverage was quite positive.

July 24, 2006 Benin, Cotonou
On July 25 during hoondokhae True Mother spoke to people who had gathered from Ghana, Niger, Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Burkina Faso and Togo. She said:  "Although English is widely used, I also know French are very proud of their language," she said. "In order to unite those proud people, parents must come." She urged everyone to read and spread the messages she and her son gave, to study Korean, and to practice true love on earth in preparation for the eternal life in the spiritual realm.

"I visited an orphanage here, it reminded me of Korea after the war. In the 50's in Korea, after the war, we had nothing. Even in that miserable environment, Father never faltered. In Pusan, he built a hut so small that not even two people could fit in there easily. I saw makeshift tents and crumbled houses on the streets of Benin. In Korea many young people went out to the countryside to teach during their school vacations. I see that African countries are like Korea after the war. You can develop quickly and become even greater than Korea. I feel so happy when I see Africans."

She referred to the Bible description of Canaan as a land of honey and milk. Israel is mostly a desert, but they have cultivated that land and made it fruitful. "Africa has rich soil, rain, and potential for development, ... cultivate your heart for loving nature and not a greedy heart for immediate return. In this way you can develop this country. May God's blessing be upon your country."

July 25, 2006 Cameroon, Yaunde
The Main Event was held at the Mulungushi International Conference Center, which was packed from two hours prior to the official opening of the event.  God's word  was presented beautifully and very effectively to 1000 people.

July 26, 2006 Zambia, Lusaka
On July 26, the main event was held at the Mulungushi International Conference Center, which was packed from two hours prior to the official opening of the event.  God's word  was presented beautifully and very effectively to 1000 people. 

Rev. Sakala, Former Human Rights Chairman for Zambia shared his some words: At the event I happened to sit next to a person who asked me, "What is is about these people that makes them so special and so attractive?" I took the opportunity to share my experience beginning with the IIFWP Assembly in New York in 2000, where I met not only people from every African nation, but people of all nations and every religion. I explained that UPF address the core root issues. Likewise the issues and points made in the speeches of Mother Moon and her son are the core root issues that we need to understand and which can bring us all together.


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