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Peace Tour, Eurasia
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification - International

True Mother and True Children began the Eurasian part of the world tour in the Northeast region (of Dr. and Mrs. Seuk), with programs in nine nations: Mongolia, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Ukraine, from June 16 to 26, 2006.

June 16, 2006  Mongolia
The main event was in a large hall in Ulaanbataar filled with 4000 people. Every detail was beautifully organized. The stage design was excellent. The Mongolian traditional music, the chanting of Buddhist prayers, the VIP remarks from the Minister of Social Welfare and Labor, the Emcee...  each piece was excellent.  

On June 17, during hoondokhae Hyun-jin nim said: Hmmm. What country am I in? [MONGOLIA] I believe it is no coincidence that this tour is coming in the 800th anniversary year of Mongolia's sovereignty. We celebrate both Mongolian sovereignty and lineage. As we read in the speech, lineage is so very important. And Mongolian lineage is so vast and great, to 78% of the world's population. It is no coincidence that this is the first nation on the Northeast Tour following the Opening of the Original Palace of heavenly sovereignty and heavenly lineage on this earth. From the Xn faith, during its 2000 year history, Jesus talked about olive trees, and referring to fallen humanity as wild olive trees that do not have an owner. If this is the age to find God's original homeland and the restored Garden of Eden, then the garden should be planted with only true olive trees. Amen? [AMEN] Alignment, that is what we need. Amen.

June 18, 2006  Kyrgystan
The main event was held in a beautiful Opera and Ballet concert hall in the center of Bishkek. The Hall was the "Lincoln Center" of Kyrgystan. The stage was large and grand, and decorated beautifully for the event. 700 people attended the main event. The event opened with a Kyrgyz string orchestra of about 30 members, and three separate vocalists performing classical Kyrgyz songs. Former Prime Minister Chyngeshev and Mr. Chernomodoretz, both Ambassadors for Peace, gave Welcoming Remarks. Both True Mother and Hyun-jin nim delivered the message, and officiated the Blessing, with elegance, beauty and power.

June 19, 2006  Tajikistan
The event was held at the Presidential Conference Center. Ordinarily it is used only by the President. However, he personally agreed to allow True Mother and Hyun-jin nim to use it. It seats only 350, but the audience was all very high level. The program went beautifully.

The Russian members, throughout this region are really serving as a kind of regional "elder son." Many have left Russia to serve as pioneers and missionaries in other nations in the region. They bring much talent, ability, good training and warm hearts. They are restoring the Soviet era when Russia was a "big brother" who dominated by force and fear.

June 24, 2006  Latvia
The main event was held in the late afternoon. 500 gathered. Dr. Leon Bojars, former Member of Parliament, and active Ambassador for Peace gave the congratulatory address, and Dr. Seuk gave the Chairman's Address. True Mother and Hyun-jin nim  communicated God's word powerfully to a responsive and grateful audience. The word has a powerful presence in the room.

June 26 2006  Ukraine
During hoondokhae Hyun-jin nim said: It is an amazing thing that nations feel threatened by a movement that advocates peace, family values, and a God-centered world, and that the age and time has come when the substantial TP have come and the substantial restoration of the world can happen. The reason I could not come and be with all of you at the main event, was because I was held captive in the airport. They would not let me in to the nation of Ukraine. Only when the event was done, would they allow me to enter the country. In other words, World CARP is that scary. As you know, TP have been labeled as brainwashers. All my life I lived with that stigma. But I have always explained that we are not brainwashers. We are not concerned fundamentally about brains. We are fundamentally a movement of heart-washers, through the power of true lover. What is Satan most afraid of? He fears the power of true love. He fears the substantiation of true love and true lineage. Satan fears the power of true love. Father says, the strategy for the forward momentum of the providence is to be struck unjustly, absorb the strike and then move forward.


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