December 05, 2022
Peace Tour III

Dominican Republic

Peace Tour IV / V Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo City (Capital)

The Main Event was held in the auditorium of the State University library. Ambassadors for Peace were responsible for mobilization and they focussed inviting the most selected friends considered as VIPs The Library Auditorium is one the nicest and most central public places in the city, so it was great success to get it.

MC, Mr. Cesar Regalado, welcomed participants’ followed by an invocation by the very famous minister, Lic. Andres Reyes. He was the Minister of Higher Education in the last government and has helped us in many ways to introduce the UPF philosophy to government ministers. Dr. Clara Benedicto, vice-president of UASD offered the welcoming remarks.

The translator was Dr. Margarita Cornielle. She is one of first Ambassador for Peace in this country and she has been selected several times to represents our nation in different international IIWP conferences. She humbly accepted to be translator to the speaker. She did very well.

Bishop Shirley Cotton Started the speech with very good introduction with her testimony of gratefulness to be chosen to represents Father and Mother Moon in this occasion. She was so impressed due to the high level VIP in the auditorium and spoke with great power to participants.
The speech became rather long because the speaker read one paragraph and then the translator read it in Spanish. Even so, nobody left until the end. Everybody was focussed on the speech creating such a good atmosphere that did not allow people to leave.

The auditorium capacity was about 100 people. There were 70 very good quality people plus our members.

After the event finished Dr. Gladys Gutierrez, former State Minister of Women Affairs and actual supervisor of women affairs for the presidency asked Bishop Cotton to pray for her. Dr. Gutierrez confessed her faith to be healed from her sickness receiving the prayer from Bishop Cotton. Then Bishop Cotton prayed very deeply for her.

Santiago (Second larger city of Dominican Republic)
Pastor Jessie Abram Griffin

The Event was held in the Alianza Cibaeña Library, a very historical library in Santiago. The Masons Lodge president Venerable Master George did the welcoming remarks. He is an ambassador for peace always available to help us.

Pastor Jessie Griffin started the speech with a very strong power and enthusiasm which filled the atmosphere with a lot of confidence for the participants.

Several VIP leaders showed up and stayed since the beginning until the end listening very carefully to the speech. Among the most renowned ones were: A captain representing the Chief of Police, 3 pastors from different Christian denominations, presidents of neighborhood association, a journalist and several ambassadors for peace from the northern region. The total participants were 50 persons plus several local members.



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