December 05, 2022
Peace Tour III


The two honourable Ambassadors for Peace Mr. Choi Hyo Soon who turned 71 on March 26 and Dr. Shin Tae Sung 65 on March 25 arrived in Cameroon on March 23 for 12 000 World Peace Tour organized by the Universal Peace Federation.

On hand to welcome them at the Douala airport were church leaders who accompanied them for a snack at “Echo de Bonanjo”. The Ambassadors for Peace were later on driven to the resort town of Limbe for Welcome Party in the evening at the “Coastal Beach Hotel”.

At the Welcome Party were some Cameroonian Peace Ambassadors and Religious leaders from Muslim and Christian Communities. Within 3 days-March 23-26 they clocked 5 hours journey, organizing 6 rallies which assembled altogether 455 participants. These rallies were held in Churches, Hotels and Public Halls. Mr. Choi held rallies in the towns of Limbe on March 24, Douala on March 25 and Sa’a March 26.

Everywhere he spoke, he brought the love and the Blessing of True Parents to all the Cameroonians. On the other hand, Dr. Shin held rallies in Buea, Edea and Yaoundé. The highlight of the rally in Yaoundé was at “Hotel des Députés”. The Cameroon Parliamentarians who are Ambassadors for Peace had organized a very good reception for the Korean guests. At the Rally proper the parliamentarians constituted half of the attendance of 100 participants.

The Coordinator of UPF Parliamentarians Honorable Ayuk Arrey Peter presented a paper in which he landed the teaching of True Parents as he said “Father Moon by Divine Providence is uniting the ancient knot of Cain and Abel by creating an Abel-type Kingdom of the Peaceful Ideal World. By this act, True Parents have brought God’s True Lineage of Humankind and are calling on all mankind to change….” Honourable Bangsi on his part said his physical Father was a Pastor, he himself has also become a Pastor in his heart because of the teaching of Reverend Moon and that Mr. And Mrs. Moon are now his spiritual Parents.

The lady Parliamentarian, Honourable Meboka Catherine, during the Rally strongly expressed her impressions on the Burning Ceremony as a sign of burning away all the evil past. The Korean Peace Ambassador, Dr. Shin, said that though he cannot speak English well, he is not worried because he firmly believes all nations will soon speak the Korean language because of the works of Reverend Moon.

The Korean peace Ambassadors left Cameroon with much happiness as can be seen in the photos promising always to keep Cameroon in their hearts as the first country they ever visited in Africa because of the hard works of True Parents.



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