December 05, 2022
Peace Tour III


November, 2006

We in Uganda are grateful to God and True Parents for having given us the opportunity to host the American clergy during this time of the providence. The American ministers told us that their mission is to proclaim the message of peace of Father and Mother Moon. During their presentation they made it clear to the audience that they are Ambassadors for Peace because of the vision and guidance of Father and Mother Moon. They truly praised Father and Mother and are proud to be part of the global mission of True Parents.

The verbal reports from officiating couples and coordinators indicate that those who received the Blessing are very grateful for having been forgiven. One lady in Kyotera Rakai District knelt down shedding tears thanking the emcee, the officiator and the American minister. She said the message of Father Moon and the blessing had saved her marriage that was about to break up.

In the Protestant Church in Masaka District, the local clergy were very grateful that they could become Ambassadors for Peace and pledged their support to promote the vision of True Parents.

The Ambassadors for Peace were very impressed by the way which the American clergy powerfully talk about Father and Mother Moon. They were happy to see evidence of Father’s influence among Christian leaders in America.

In all the eight places people are expecting more peace events. This is the beginning of a breakthrough.







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