December 05, 2022
Peace Tour III


November 28, 2006
UPF Taiwan

From Nov. 21 to 28, we welcomed nine Ambassadors for Peace from America and arranged various kinds of visits and speeches. On Nov. 22 , they visited the World Religious Museum and Lungshan Temple. On Nov. 23, they visited the Tzu Chi Foundation, and we held a welcome banquet for them. On Nov. 24, they joined an Interreligious Prayer Meeting with religious leaders and Ambassadors for Peace of Taiwan, and visited Buddha’s Light International Association. On Nov. 27, they attended the Taoist Religious Summit. From Nov. 25-27, the nine Ambassadors for Peace went out to nine major cities in Taiwan to speak at 37 rallies and visit the leaders of local churches and mayors of local cities. We held a farewell banquet for them on Nov. 28. They all gave local churches great inspiration with their absolute faith toward God.

We welcomed them as True Parents’ precious guests. We arranged rooms for them at the Grand Formosa Regent Taipei. Their lengthy travels didn’t diminish their ardent heart for God and True Parents. They agree with True Parents’ ideas about world peace. For some, this was their first experience of traveling throughout the world tour, and through it they gained much inspiration from God and True Parents. Through them we learned about absolute faith and True Parents’ greatness. We are very thankful for their coming.

Visiting Lungshan Temple.

Visiting Buddha’s Light International Association

Rev. Ellis May in Taipei, Taiwan

Bishop Carroll in Taipei, Taiwan

Minister Carolyn Larabee in Shi-Chuang City, Taiwan

Rev. Cathryn Teer-Hodge in Chongli City, Taiwan

Bishop Shirley W. Cotton in Hsin Chu City, Taiwan

Bishop Rufus O. Okunubi in Taichung City, Taiwan

Rev. Jorg Heller in Tainan City, Taiwan

Minister Carolyn Parker in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Minister Carolyn Parker in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Visiting the mayor of Hualien City.

Meeting with the President of Tzu Chi University.






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