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Peace Tour III


November 1, 2006

The events in Sweden were all delayed due to a sudden snowfall which caused traffic chaos. The city of Stockholm was almost shut down.

Sundbyberg, Stockholm
The main event started at 20:00, a bit delayed because the American minister, Rev. Andre Wayne Jackson, was stuck in the train and could not come. In his place, Rev Calvin Louis Kelly read the speech. He had already delivered the speech in another venue earlier in the day in Stockholm. Rev. Alain LeRoy and Rev. Robert Lee Pyle also attended the event after they had delivered the speech in other places in Stockholm. There were 61 people in attendance. Two people received certificates as Ambassadors of Peace: a board member at the Women’s Centre in Tensta and a former politician who is raising money to build a school.

Rev. Robert Lee Pyle
Rev. Calvin Kelly

Reading the speech on a subway platform
In the snow that blanketed Stockholm, Rev. Andrew Wayne Jackson and his host Olga were traveling to Sundbyberg on a train that became stuck in the storm. After more than a hour they got out of  the train and looked for another way to reach their destination. They went down into a subway station. It was already 8.30 pm, and Rev. Jackson decided to start reading the speech on the platform. He told Olga that he felt the Holy Spirit told him just to go ahead and do it. Olga gave the following account of what transpired next:

“He said to me, ‘Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon is my friend; he helped my life and my family; he sent me throughout the world to give the message of Peace, and I will give it to you, Olga.’ He cried, and I was touched to the bottom of my heart.

“While he started reading, he was crying at times, especially at True Father’s words on his suffering and life course. I felt that the two of us were incredibly spiritually protected, as if we were sealed, it was a very special atmosphere all around. People were passing by and paying attention, listening now and then. All together, around 10 people stopped to really listen. One young teenager, while listening, even wiped with his scarf  the tears which had fallen on Rev. Jackson’s hands. It really was incredible!

“In the middle of the speech, I felt as if Father was giving the speech. I remembered the testimonies from early times in Korea, when Father would preach outdoors and people gathered around to listen. I told my feeling to Rev. Jackson, he said he also felt Father’s spirit, while reading.   
Finally, when we were approaching the end of the speech, I started to feel such a joy, and that Sweden got the victory tonight. I felt it very clearly, the spirit became more and more  uplifted and high.

“When Rev. Jackson finished, he was so excited that he began singing and dancing.

“A taxi driver told me that in 15 years of driving he had never experienced such incredible traffic: when cars, buses were all unable to move. Only God knows why the weather was so crazy, but I feel it was a historic day. It was also All Saints Day in the Swedish calendar. Rev. Jackson reported that he will never forget that experience and that he experienced Father’s speech at a deeper level than before, and it will be the foundation for the rest of the tour.”

The speech was presented by Carolyn Lincoln. The audience included a minister from  the Swedish church, a leader of the Odd Fellows Society and two artists. The minister gave the invocation prayer. After the speech was read a Blessing toast was given. Afterwards, Carolyn Lincoln shared about her work as a counselor and the helpful insights she has gained from Father Moon. A stimulating discussion followed about how to promote spiritual and family values as a path to peace and human development.

A Sri Lankan Buddhist monk and an imam were recognized with Ambassador for Peace certificates. Pastor Moses de la Rosa had great style and a very gentle grandfatherly attitude toward the 20 people in attendance. The audience was intrigued by his comments about the speech from a Christian perspective.

The weather was freezing and even snowing a little when the event was about to start, but fortunately the ten guests arrived safely. The event started with songs and a reading of Rev. Kwak’s speech (in Swedish). The speaker read Father Moon’s speech with a lot of feeling, which was appreciated by all. Two Ambassadors for Peace certificates were awarded.

Twenty people assembled at a local meeting room which was beautifully arranged by Kikuko Isacson. People were seated at tables and enjoying coffee and cake as they waited for the main speaker. He came 20 minutes late because of the extreme weather conditions and traffic problems. He read Father Moons speech very powerfully and people were very impressed. One of Kikuko’s neighbors, who does not understand a word of English, was the most inspired, she asked when the next meeting would take place.

The event in Tensta had an attendance of 30, and the event in Rinkeby had 12.






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