December 05, 2022
Peace Tour III


November 2, 2006

Slovakia had the privilege of receiving five American members of the clergy, so it was possible to organize five events.

In the capital, Bratislava, there were three events. One had special significance because it was the first time to be invited by a church to hold an event in their sanctuary. The president of the New Apostolic Church in Slovakia, Pastor Lubor Kucera, received Rev. Victor Sanchez of the Second Apostolic Church of Oakland, California, in the beautiful hall of his church. Among the people present was another minister of the New Apostolic Church. Two people received certificates as Ambassadors for Peace.

On his departure at the airport, Rev. Sanchez commented to Mrs. Gertrud Koch, President of UPF-Slovakia, about his desire to come back to Bratislava with his wife some time in the future.
The second event in Bratislava was held at the Peace Embassy.  Rev. Carolyn Sampson gave a powerful message to the audience. Among the guests were representatives of the Muslim community of Bratislava. She was introduced by Ambassador for Peace Mrs. Nadja Michalska from the Ministry of Education.

The third event was held in the Training Center of the Family Federation for World Peace in Dunajska Luzna, near Bratislava. Guests welcomed Rev. Byron Filus. It was a very impressive experience for them to listen to his personal testimony.

Two events were held in the city of Nitra some 80 km from Bratislava. Archbishop Alfred Adelekan was received by Bishop Augustin Bacinsky, head of the Old Catholic Church in Slovakia, in his church. 

The second event in Nitra was held at the training centre of the Family Federation for World Peace. Ms. Sharyn Bebeau, who is a spiritual healer as well as a minister, met with Ms. Eva Slovakova, who also has the gift of spiritual healing.

In all events in Slovakia, each member of the clergy from America matched very well with the host city and people.






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