February 21, 2024
Peace Tour III


Knut Holdhus
November 1, 2006

Seven American clergy arrived in Norway on a beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies and a white blanket of  snow. They were driven to the church HQ where they enjoyed a lunch party together with Norwegian members. After a short rest at the hotel, they split up to go and speak at the different venues.

Our meeting was held in a local community centre. As we had to hold seven meetings all in one evening, our members had to spread themselves out. At some of the meetings, the roles of MC, officiating couple, reading Rev Kwak's speech and demonstrating how to take the holy juice as a couple, had to be filled by one and the same person. With such distinguished guests, we wish we would have been many more people at all of the meetings, but anyway, the spirit was great. 

At this particular meeting one Japanese volunteer managed to bring a deacon from the Lutheran state church. That was a breakthrough as this church represents about 85 % of the population, at least on paper. So they have been difficult to bring to any of our events.

The American minister did a splendid job reading Father's long speech in spite of having to pause several times to cough. It is really great to have someone like that testify to our True Parents and read a speech with so much in it. We really need to pray for the clergy's health. All the long distance travelling, a new country every day, meeting lots of people as well as sub-zero temperatures in Northern and Eastern Europe may take its toll.

The sharing after the official program had ended, was very good. Our lady peace ambassador attending the event shared deeply with the American lady minister. And the deacon had stayed through the whole program as well and could definitely benefit from hearing the positive discussion. We give thanks to God for a great evening, especially for those fortunate few who could attend these precious events.







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