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Peace Tour III

New Zealand

December 2, 2006

by Rev Steve Evans and Barbara Minett

We welcomed Rev. Oyamada and our featured speaker, Pastor Rev. Dr. Andre Jackson to NZ mid afternoon on Saturday the 2nd of December. That evening we invited them to join members of our growing Oceania Clergy Leadership Conference, (OCLC) for a light supper, testimonials and Q and A (questions and answers). Both Mr. Oyamada and Dr. Jackson spoke, inspiring the Pastors and members, warming hearts and opening doors. Rev. Jackson said he felt the Holy Spirit descend sharing answers even sometimes before the question was completed!

Sunday evening at the main event Rev. Jackson delivered Father's message with love, passion and commitment of a true filial son. His words resonated throughout the room that seated about 150

by David Scott

We are incredibly grateful to have had Rev Betty Tatalajski come to Christchurch New Zealand. Her spiritual presence and love of true parents was amazing and we fell this is the start of a great Pentecost and revival in our city.

This morning before the meeting Rev Betty visited a Methodist church next to the hotel. She later told me how the church was "alive" and that there more good spirits than were congregation in the church.

Betty asked if I could meet the minister Rev Katherine Walters and talk to her about true parents and our movement. This I will do next week. This is just a small example of how in a short time Rev Betty could connect to the true spirit of our city.

Even though we only had 25 people come to our meeting today we have experienced a profound spiritual and divine anointing that these ministers are bringing to the world at this time.





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