December 05, 2022
Peace Tour III


Rev. Michael W. Jenkins
November 15, 2006

US Ambassadors for Peace arrived in Lebanon and were greeted with a VIP welcome at the airport by Dr. Nicholas Birak. Based on the work of Dr. Sang Jin Lee, Mr. David Fraser Harris and Mr. Thomas Schellen, more than 40 Lebanese Ambassadors for Peace prepared the way for the message of peace.  

Shi’a and Sunni Muslims, Druze and Christians of many denominations make up the Ambassador for Peace movement in Lebanon, giving the opportunity to touch every corner of society with the spirit of love and message of peace.

At the banquet on November 15, journalists, members of parliament, religious leaders and NGO leaders came to welcome the delegation. Several Lebanese officials gave warm greetings. Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi from Iran (now living in Detroit, Michigan) gave a beautiful message about the power of love. Mr. Haitham Bundakji, board member of the  Islamic Center of Orange County, California, and Mr. Mohammed Jodeh of the Colorado Muslim Society are with us. They bring so much leadership and understanding because of their extensive work for peace with the Universal Peace Federation in the Middle East.  

The American delegation calls for an end to war and the unity of all faiths. People need to see the heart of America that brings humanity aid and spiritual encouragement.

Imam Ameer Pasha Salahuddin, who has traveled with Father Moon throughout America, gave a beautiful prayer of love and peace at the banquet. Through this effort, hearts can open once again to America and America can awaken to its true role to be the elder son to lead the nations into reconciliation and harmony. The people of Lebanon realize that Father Moon is showing the true spirit of America through this world peace tour.

As we go from country to country we are amazed at the diversity and character of the Ambassadors for Peace. Truly people of influence, they are from every profession. People are looking for a different approach that complements existing peace efforts. The Universal Peace Federation brings something very unique--the unity of religious leaders and people of faith lifting up the idea that we can unite when we realize that there is only one God of us all. Although this is not simple, when we bring this message in word and deed it is amazing to see people change and begin to step forward.

We are being welcomed by some of the key sheikhs of Lebanon as we go forth to give the message of peace in churches, mosques, civic centers and homes. Rev. Dorsey and Mr. Jodeh as they headed south of the Litani River to deliver the message in the city hall of one of the Shi’a cities hardest hit by the last war. Mr. Jodeh will deliver the message in Arabic.  

Our delegation is about half Muslim and half Christian. Sheikh Muhammad Kanaan, one of the most prominent Sunni Muslim clerics of Lebanon, requested that a Christian speak in his home.  Rev. Jesse Edwards was chosen for this historic moment.  Dr. Chang Shik Yang and I will go with Ambassadors for Peace to the Parliament.  

At the same time our Ambassadors for Peace are now in many countries in Africa. We bring True Parents’ love and respect for all people to the world.






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