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Peace Tour III

Peace Tour IV Arrives in Japan

October 24, 2006
Dr. Michael Jenkins, Chair UPF-USA

One hundred and twenty men and women of the clergy launched Peace Tour IV with rallies in 120 churches throughout United States on October 21. They delivered the address entitled “God's Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World” on behalf of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his family, who had taken this message of peace and hope to 180 nations on the three previous World Peace Tours.

When they arrived they were given a royal welcome. They have each been assigned a translator and a host, who bring them to a hall filled with 400 to 750 people who have gathered in 120 cities to hear the message of peace. These religious leaders have a profound sense of the truth, since their main vocation is to teach and preach the message of truth. They also talk about the life and mission of Rev. Moon and their reasons for joining the tour.

The sixteen people assigned to the Tokyo area were welcomed by Japanese leaders: Rev. and Mrs. Jeong Og Yu, Rev. Otsuka, Rev. and Mrs. Hideo Oyamada, and Mrs. Kuboki. There was a beautiful welcome banquet for this group.  

Rev. Bennit Hayes, a Baptist pastor from Texas, gave a testimony of how his life was transformed by Rev. Moon’s teaching. His church in Houston has been active in helping thousands of Katrina victims.  Rabbi Mordecai Waldman from Michigan came with his wife, whom he met in Los Angeles on the first World Peace Tour. She is joining the tour as an Ambassador for Peace and speaking at events.

The entertainment provided by the Japanese hosts was outstanding. Young people performed classical and modern music, moving the ministers’ hearts.  

At a press conference, the American religious leaders spoke about bringing the spirit of peace to Japan and next in Korea. They demonstrate the greatness of America which is founded on her faith in God and respect for all races and religions.






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