December 08, 2023
Peace Tour III


November 13, 2006
UPF Guinea
Jonas Haba

Conakry, November 13: Seven American clergy Ambassadors for Peace accompanied by Adama Doumbia, the UPF West Africa Chairman arrived in Guinea this evening. They were received by three local Ambassadors for Peace including H.E. Michel Kamano, the President of Economic and Social Council of Guinea, who also serves as the U.P.F president in Guinea.

On the 14th of November the first rally took place from 10am - 12am at the Islamic Center, which is among the biggest mosques in the world. Over VIPs attended.

Guinea as a nation has a 10 million population, 80percent Moslem. Having an event in their biggest mosque is very significant. That is why all the top rank Islamic leaders all over the capital attended the event, beginning from the minister of Islamic affairs and reaching to all the Imams and Islamic inspectors.

We could count 95 important Imams in the hall, 20 of them were appointed as Peace Ambassadors, including the Minister of Islamic affairs, who gave a gift to all the visitors.

From 4pm -6pm, we had the second rally at the Anglican Cathedral. There were 200 participants, among this people were 20 priest and pastors attended and joined the World Peace Blessing. The Anglican Archbishop in Guinea accepted an appointment to be a Peace Ambassador, together with five of his priests.








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