December 05, 2022
Peace Tour III

Testimonies from the European portion of Peace Tour IV

November 2, 2006

Archbishop G. A. Stallings
It is clearly evident from every nation that we have visited so far that the message of universal peace is more greatly needed and ready to be received than ever before. This is God’s time. He is calling and uniting all peoples of the world to become God’s ideal universal family.

Rev. Calvin Kelly
In Sweden, we arrived in a snow storm and it took us a long time to get to the church. We were one hour late but all the people were still waiting for us to show up. As I read the speech, there were tears in the eyes of many people. They were saying over and over: “Yes! Yes! We will do it, we want to live this way.” The church was filled with love and determination to live according to the words that were spoken. There was so much power in the church. It was unbelievable.

Rev. Andre Jackson
Rev. Jackson had an unscheduled stop at the train station because of a severe snow storm. There was no way for him to get to his event venue. But he felt the fire of the Holy Spirit and he felt he needed to give the speech. He and his host went to a subway station to read the speech. He was very moved by the Holy Spirit and he cried while reading the speech. His nose was running. People came up to him as he spoke and wiped his face. Some people even missed their train in order to listen to the message. What a powerful experience that was! If it had not been for the snow storm, people would not have heard the message.

Rev. Calvin Torres
We arrived late last night in Zagreb. The airplane was late. However, everyone without exception was still waiting They wanted to here the message. When I began to speak, the spirit began to change and everyone listened attentively. The spirit throughout the event was so high and afterwards, everyone got together for fellowship. People were so excited that they did not want to go home. They were especially impressed with the “World Peace King Bridge and Tunnel Project” at the Bering Strait. We all had an amazing time.

Bishop Henry Coaxum
Everyone at the event received the word with joy. After the speech, a rabbi asked me why I had joined the tour. I answered that the message was a most important message and it needed to be heard by the world. The rabbi was satisfied with that answer. Reading this speech has totally changed my understanding of God, the Bible and my faith. When I get back to the US, I will totally evaluate my spiritual life and what I should do.

Rev. Robert Pyle
Our mission is an adventure in faith and fulfilling the great commission to all nations of the world. We as Ambassadors of Peace must endure all things and overcome every barrier that hinders unity and good will towards all cultures and races. We must move forward with blessed assurance that our labor is not in vain and the price of our united effort will yield fruit to all generations. Our best days are ahead.

Sharon Bebeau
I felt guided by the hand of God. The people greeted me warmly with gifts and interest. After the word was given, no one wanted to leave. Sister Eva, a local person, showed me her sacred artwork. To gaze upon them brought deep joy and calmness. I felt I had rediscovered my family. In Germany I went to Munich. On the way to the center, we passed by the road to Dachau where my sister and brother were murdered. That had a deep emotional impact on me and I made a special effort to love the German people so that in the future these things would never happen again.

Rev. Greg Odlin
Our event was in Paris at the largest mosque in Europe. It can hold up to 15,000 people, and the Grand Mufti is an Ambassador For Peace. We were sharing the speech with seven Muslim leaders. They read right along with us, word for word. They turned the pages at the same moment, all being very alert and hanging on to every word with great focus. When we finished, they gave us a Qur’an in which they wrote “Let Us Build the Peace Palace Together” and then they signed it. One of the inscriptions read, “The devil has tried to build the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth, and we are seeing the results of it. Now we need to work together to build the real thing!”






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