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Peace Tour III

Peace Tour IV Arrives in Europe

November 1, 2006

The international tour of religious leaders, clergy and Ambassadors for Peace has moved on to the European leg, starting with the United Kingdom. Everyone came right off of the airplane directly to our UPF headquarters in London at Lancaster Gate. The delegates were a little weary after yet another transcontinental flight, but in high spirits.

After a welcoming banquet, the British Clergy Leadership Conference, represented by Rev. Marshall DaSouza, Rev. Abbey George and Rev. Dr. Paul Adams welcomed the group. “We never dreamed such a day would come,” they said, “This is a day of great importance for England.”

In response, Rev. Robert Pyle of the Church of the Brethren said, “We move together and we are gaining power from nation to nation. The Message of Father Moon that we are delivering has profound contents that have the power to bring unity.” Another US clergyman, Rev. Roach testified, “I want you to know that the clergy and Ambassadors for Peace are very serious about Father Moon's mission and work in the world. There is no one else that has ever sent a delegation of religious leaders, Muslims, Christians and Jews as Ambassadors for Peace.”

The next day we events were held in 40 cities throughout the United Kingdom. Archbishop George Stallings was the keynote speaker at the main event in London. A noted heart surgeon, Dr. Khan gave the opening remarks. “I believe t the Ambassadors for Peace movement of Rev. Moon will transform the world,” he said. Khan went on to report the encouragement he had received from the leadership and commitment of Sir James Mancham, Founding President of Seychelles and Chair of the UPF’s Global Peace Council. “Sir James told me that if we as Ambassadors for Peace in 200 nations now double our efforts in 2007 we will see the world turn upside down.” he said.

Another event was held at the Harrow Borough Football Club Hall in Middlesex. It is connected to the Earlsmead Stadium, home of a semi-pro team that creates stars for the full professionals such as Tottenham Hotspur - one of the most famous teams in Europe and Champions of last years FIFA-endorsed Peace Cup in Korea. Michael Jenkins delivered the message of peace. Many in the audience had been to Israel with MEPI and had met with Sheikh Kiwan and Father Hatoum in the Nazareth area

Finally, all the Ambassadors for Peace went to the clinic to get Yellow Fever shots in preparation for the visit to 25 countries Africa. The tour leaves tomorrow for Scandinavia, Sweden, Finland, Holland and Norway.






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