December 05, 2022
Peace Tour III


November 1, 2006

Three pastors from America went to Denmark as part of the fourth World Peace Tour: Byron Filus, Carlos Manuel Torres and Carolyn Sion. Coming from big events in Korea, Japan and England, they adjusted well to a smaller nation and smaller setting. 

The weather changed remarkably with their arrival. October had been mild and warm, but the new month began with cold temperatures and snow. Strong winds shut down bridges and delayed flights.

Two local Christian ministers had lunch with the visiting Americans. The American ministers described the moving experiences they had in Japan and Korea and suggested to the local pastors that they start meeting for prayer breakfast. Local ministers were impressed by the interdenominational spirit of the American pastors and their readiness to change their busy schedule in response to Rev. Moon’s invitation to spread the message to the world.

About 50 people came to the main event, including four ministers. Rev. Carolyn Sion read the speech with a strong spirit and heart, adding her encouragement to follow Rev. Moon’s example of responding to Jesus’ call. “If we don’t speak the word of God, it is not the word of God,” she said. “It only exists when it is shared.” She asked one person to stand beside her while she was talking about how people build walls around them and stop talking to each other. “The core teaching of Rev. Moon is about tearing down these walls by practicing true love,” she concluded.

The program opened with the Bramsen family (mother and two daughters) singing “Santa Lucia,” and Sibeal Gubser singing a song about peace. At the end of the program everyone sang “Amazing Grace” together. The audience was moved by the charismatic spirit that Carolyn Sion brought. One person said, “This is the first time in the 20 years since I came to Denmark that I suddenly feel a longing for America.”

The two other meetings were held in homes. Karsten and Hisami Nielsen hosted Rev. Carlos Torres, a minister and teacher from California who gave the keynote address and his personal testimony to God's work and his response to the divine call. He talked about what he called ‘reading between the lines’ of the speech.  Rev. Torres filled the intimate setting with a spirit of dedication and love.

Thomas and Gertrud Vad hosted Rev. Byron Filus, who talked about Father Moon going a similar course as Jesus, forgiving his enemies as Jesus did.






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