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Peace Tour III


November 2, 2006
By Anto Tomas

On November 2, UPF Croatia hosted the 4th World Peace Tour with four Ambassadors for Peace from the United States. The venue was the Embassy of Peace in Zagreb. Before the main event, local Croatian Ambassadors for Peace prepared a welcoming reception with cold dishes and drinks. More than 25 local Ambassadors for Peace from Croatia participated in the event and were involved in preparations.

Several topics were discussed, including the general approach of UPF to world peace, the development of character education in Croatia, and the Bering Strait Bridge and Tunnel. Further discussion focused on the importance of the united and strong family for the future of mankind, the significance of 'living for the sake of others,' and the virtues of true love.

The visiting American Ambassadors for Peace gave wonderful speeches that made a big impact on all participants at the event. Croatian Secretary General Anto Tomas, in his statement, explained to the audience the general line of UPF activities and the expectations for the work of Ambassadors for Peace in the coming years. Entertainment was provided by two Slovakian women married to Croatian husbands; they played guitars and sang beautiful religious and national songs. The program included personal testimonies from the Christian clergymen from different denominations as they shared their own experiences with the founders of the UPF, making this a moving moment for Croatia.

After the official part of the program was ended, participants remained at the Peace Embassy and were sharing and singing together, creating a very close family feeling. The evening ended with a magnificent buffet dinner and closing remarks by Mr. Tomas.






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