December 08, 2023
Peace Tour III


Boyan Bashiyanov and Martin Dimitrov
November 2, 2006

Preparations for the events were hectic. There were many tasks to be done: translations, preparing invitations, shopping, meeting with Peace Ambassadors to explain the meaning of the tour, inviting new guests, etc.

At both events (held at 4:00 and 7:00 PM) Ambassadors for Peace shared their impressions about working with True Father. Prof. Kalchev shared an experience that touched everyone: “I have been to many different conferences and have met many prominent world leaders,” he said, “But nothing can be compared with the intensity, straightforwardness and cordial reception that I have experienced on different occasions in my meetings with Rev. Moon.” He described the warm and natural atmosphere in True Parents’ home in America and the enjoyable times spent together with diverse groups of people.

“There was one very special experience about which I still think a lot,” he added. “At one of the Universal Peace Federation conferences, we were listening to Rev. Moon when he suddenly stopped talking. There was a long silence. The silence was so long that it became a bit awkward. The people next to me were wondering if Father Moon felt ill. The people closest to him tried to offer him water, but he wouldn’t move from the podium. The silence became unbearable. Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak went onto the stage and was just about to start reading when Father Moon pushed him aside and resumed reading. He stopped briefly and said. ‘Many of you may wonder why I stopped my speech so suddenly. Probably you think that I am ill. Actually, I am OK. I just now had a meeting with God. When God comes to me, I cannot but keep silent and listen carefully to what He wants to tell me. I cannot speak then. Remember that you witnessed my meeting with God.’ I often think about this experience, and I believe what he said. He is such an extraordinary man! It seems that God is working with him in a special way.”

The keynote speakers were welcomed cordially, and they touched people’s hearts. Rev. Betty Tatalajski, who is able to communicate with the spiritual world, made many interesting comments about the nature of the spirit world and the importance of Father Moon’s message, especially when he speaks in such a real and concrete way about spiritual reality. She also shared many of her experiences with the Middle East Peace Initiative and her visits with Ambassadors for Peace to the DMZ in Korea.

After the meeting, an evangelical pastor was moved by what he heard and wanted to have a heart-to-heart prayer with our guests, so we prayed together. This pastor and his wife take care of many gypsy children, educating them in moral values and encouraging them to become good citizens. Rev. Tatalajski shared with him her understanding about the historic and spiritual role of the gypsy people.

People were inspired by these American pastors, especially their depth of understanding and sincere desire to work with True Parents.







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