December 08, 2023
Peace Tour III

Bosnia Herzegovina

November 2, 2006

The main event took place at the Universal Peace Federation’s Sarajevo center on November 2. The guest speaker from America was Dr. Damon Shelby Roach. Before the event, there was time to show him some places in Sarajevo city. Dr. Roach was very interested in Sarajevo and Bosnia and commented that despite the war, it could still preserve a multicultural society.

Dr. Roach was well prepared for reading the main speech and gave a very impressive testimony afterwards.

Ms. Yisun Kim, daughter of Mr. S.R. Kim, president of UPF-Bosnia  Herzegovina, served as interpreter.

After the speech, an Ambassador for Peace, Prof. Gordana Topic, offered a beautiful Bosnian song, and all participants joined in to sing together.

The next day, several Ambassadors for Peace called to express their gratitude for the deeply moving experience they had. Dr. Roach’s visit to Bosnia Herzegovina was much appreciated.






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