December 08, 2023
Peace Tour III


Johann Rechberger
November 6, 2006

Happy faces where seen at the home of the Palestine Community Austria, when Pastor Nagi F. Yousef addressed an audience of more than 50 people. Pastor Nagy Yousef gave an emotional testimony of God’s Ideal Family and the Peace Kingdom in Arabic, with a Palestinian translating his words into German. He also read a special message from Rev. Moon in English.

Pastor Yousef is participating in the 4th World Peace Tour of 120 clergy initiated by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and his wife Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

The Palestinian Community in Austria was enthusiastically preparing for the event together with the Oriental Christians in Austria, the Universal Peace Federation and CARP, a student organization. The President of the Palestinian Community in Austria was fully involved, inviting many people, preparing the facilities and giving the invocation at the meeting. His two children came to the conference. His son is engaged to a Jewish woman. As the speech was being read, they followed the text in the German translation. In the audience there was also a representative of the Palestinian embassy. The women's leader of the Palestinian Community prepared a beautiful buffet together with women of her organization and UPF. Mr. Emad Samur, Mr. Ayman Wahdan und Ms. Odjhiri Houryia where appointed Ambassadors for Peace. God’s love was omnipresent during the whole ceremony, and Rev. Yousef spoke to many people personally. People loved him and became good friends with him immediately. It was a highly successful event, bringing together people of different nationalities, races, religions and organizations, coming to a deeper understanding about the peace initiative of the founders.







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