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Peace Tour III


November 2, 2006

The main event was held on November 2, 2006 at the Tirana International Hotel located in the middle of capital city, Tirana. There were around 220 participants, including 70 Ambassadors for Peace. Seven new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed that night.

Rev. George Stallings started with a testimony about Mother Teresa; he shared his personal experiences with her and how it felt to come to her homeland of Albania. He felt her spirit present during the event. After this testimony, he read the main speech very enthusiastically. During the blessing ceremony everything went smoothly, touching people’s hearts. Afterwards, people came forward to take pictures with Rev. Stallings and lined up to get his autograph. One of the newly-appointed Ambassadors for Peace sang. During dinner, Rev. Stallings commented that the meeting in Albania generated the best response since Japan.

Tirana Center: University Students Overcome Power Outage

The speech was given by Rev. Margaret Bocanegra. The event hall in the Tirana city center was full, mostly with students. Unfortunately, there was no electricity. Instead, many candles were lit, creating a warm, family-type atmosphere. Rev. Bocanegra began her speech saying, “Wow, this is really holy!” She was happy to see such a young and enthusiastic audience. The blessing ceremony was officiated by a young blessed couple. People felt filled with the Holy Spirit during the event.


The main speaker at the event in Elbasan was Rev. Fermin Bocanegra. Rev. Bocanegra was welcomed very enthusiastically by the audience, which was mostly students. During dinner he shared that he now understands why True Parents sent members of the clergy on this worldwide speaking tour, because through it they could have marvelous experiences giving the speech, holding blessing ceremonies and interacting with many different audiences. He said he was very moved by the warmth and welcoming hearts of the Albanians.


The program started with instrumental music performed by three professors from the art school of Shkodra city. They were invited by Mr. Paulin Selimi, an Ambassador for Peace, who also gave the welcoming speech. After that, Rabbi Mark Waldmann opened his speech by giving a Jewish blessing to all of the participants. It was a very special ceremony and the audience was attentive. He said that he was very happy because Albania was the only country that protected the Jews during the Second World War. He gave the message very joyfully and energetically, keeping everyone’s attention. Three new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed.

The blessing ceremony was officiated by Ambassadors for Peace Ferid and Elsa Kola. Ferid spoke about his determination to contribute to a world of peace by building a strong family based on true love. He gave a special gift to Rabbi Waldmann, who responded that he was grateful to give True Parents’ message in such a warm atmosphere.







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