July 16, 2019

New Zealand

September 27, 2006

1.    Auckland        Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon
2.    Wellington      Mr. Kook Jin Moon
3.    Christchurch   Mr. Hirotaka Otsuka
4.    Dunedin          Mr. In Sup Pak
5.    Tauranga        Mr. Hyung Jin Lee
6.    Northshore      Ms. Shin Sook Moon
7.    Waitakere        Ms. Shiori Kunitoki
8.    Three Kings    Ms. Shin Il Moon
9.    Parnell            Mr. Shin Bok Hong
10. Otahuhu          Ms. Shin Mi Moon
11. Manurewa       Ms. Jin Hwa Yoshida
12. Otara               Mr. Young Jun Kim

Christchurch:  Hirotaka Otsuka 

Welcoming Hirotaka Otsuka to Christchurch was an uplifting experience. There were 80 people in attendance at this historic meeting, and the program went smoothly. After the program the guest speaker enjoyed a trip to the mountains to see the beautiful scenery. He had to leave all too early for Auckland with Michio Watanabe as the escort.

Tauranga: Hyung Jin Lee 

A successful if small event took place in Tauranga. Unfortunately due to fog, all flights into the Tauranga Airport were cancelled. Hyung Jin Lee and his escort, Konrad Kathan, were forced to travel slowly by bus to Tauranga. They arrived at the end of the event, after the Blessing prayer and main speech. Hyung Jin had the opportunity to say a few words to participants and take a few photos before taking the flight back to Auckland in order to participate in Mother Moon's event that same evening.

North Shore:  Shin Sook Moon

Ambassador for Peace Ruth Tai gave the audience a very moving personal testimony about her experience with the UPF: "What brought me to the movement is true love; they talk about true love. Who in the world talks about true love?” She concluded her speech by singing a lovely Maori song.

More than half of the intimate audience of 50 family, friends and guests were youth. Shin Sook’s calmness, serenity and radiance were amazing. She was consistently loving and willing to move with the flow, prepared to take challenges graciously, and with her gentle ways she turned everything into gold. She delivered the Founder's speech with heart, confidence and authority. Profound words of truth coming from a youthful and committed heart are a powerful testimony. The Book of Revelation says: “The dwelling of God will be with men,” and people felt this prophecy was being fulfilled. 

Parnell:  Shin Bok Hong

Kicking off New Zealand’s national speaking tour, Shin Bok Hong spoke at the  National Headquarters. On hand were two leading Ambassadors for Peace, Mr. Simon Kan and Rev. Bill Tangariki; they are UPF's ethnic affairs representatives for the Chinese and Maori communities, respectively. Dr. Jason Dei, newly appointed Ambassador for Peace, was also present to receive Shin Bok’s sincere message.

He gave an impassioned and confident speech representing his Grandfather.

Fifty guests were present, filling the room; five times the talk was interrupted with applause. The spirit was upbeat and the audience was responsive to the important message of peace. 

National leader Rev. Steve Evans served as emcee and also read the Chairman’s address. Officiators of the blessing were Geoffrey and Toshiko Prentice, and the flowers and gifts were presented to the guest speaker by local second generation youth.

Manurewa:  Jin Hwa Yoshida

Ambassador for Peace Rangi McLean gave the official Maori welcome, Whakatau, and shared with the guest speaker the meanings of the carvings. Bill Tangariki translated from Maori to English for Jin Wha and also said the opening prayer. Serving as emcee was Seti Sufa. 

There were about 50 people present, including Ambassador for Peace Milosi Time and several families with small children, mostly from the Suafa tribe.

Jin Wha was confident and graceful with a beautiful smile as she shared the Founders words. Mrs. Jacqui Kempt was presented with an Ambassador for Peace award. She then shared a few words of gratitude.

Mrs. Marie Foster received the Three Generation Award. Her parents are still alive, making four generations in her family. After the flowers were presented by Meehwa Suafa and Koru greenstone necklaces by Un Hee Minett, everyone gathered for one big group photo while singing a Samoan song. 

Waitakere: Shiori Kunitoki

An estimated 80 people gathered at the Kelston Community Centre to hear Shiori Kunitoki present the Founder's speech. Steve Evans was the emcee and officiated at the Blessing along with his wife, Susi. The event opened with a solo on the saxophone. Five Ambassadors for Peace, along with several of the West Auckland Women’s Federation for World Peace members, supported the coordinator Junko Osborne and her assistant, Cathy Platinos.

Shiori gave a wonderful presentation and was particularly inspired. Perhaps it was because she had just completed a bunji jump off the Auckland Harbour bridge, an experience she would not forget.

At the conclusion of the programme awards were given, and afterwards everyone stayed for afternoon tea. Participants agreed it had been a very enjoyable and uplifting event.






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