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September 25, 2006
Gunnard Johnston

Report and Photos(PDF)

When word came about the latest World Peace Tour, organizers in Lithuania expected a big goal for attendance. They determined that they would invest themselves totally for mobilization, especially since attendance was low during the World Peace II rally. Word came from Dr. Joon Ho Seuk that not only was an audience of 1,000 expected for main rally but also eleven other separate events were to be carried on the same day. Although the challenge seemed overwhelming, there was a conviction that they could do it.

Rev. Shin Jae Park advised: “Rent buses, make lunches and dinners for everyone, and give the people a nice tour to go along with their attendance of the speeches.” More than once he said, “You can do this.” Soon people were believing him. They could see that there was a way to do it.

As unbelievable as it is to conceive of ten committed people organizing twelve separate rallies on the same day with two weeks preparation time, somehow it happened. They attributed it to the love and grace of God. Moreover, almost all of the events took place with packed houses. True Mother's representative, Jun-sook Moon, spoke before an audience of 710, including 560 native Lithuanians from more than 25 different cities, towns, and communities. The total audiences at all the events numbered 1,920 people.

Ji Yeah Moon spoke to 200 people, In Sup Pak 190, and Young Jun Kim 110. The rest of the audiences averaged 80 to 100 participants. They came from 23 different NGOs, including children’s groups, human rights organizations, military veterans’ organizations, social service groups. In addition, there were current professors, academics, and former members of parliament.

Participants commented on the character, dignity, and refinement of the various members of True Family as well as the professionalism in which the events were conducted, the pure atmosphere, and, perhaps most importantly, the valuable ideals presented in the speeches.  Participants in these events especially loved the blessing ceremonies. So many of the older couples were overjoyed by the prayers sanctifying marriage. This part of the program elevated the entire atmosphere of the proceedings.

People from Belarus and Russia came to assist with preparations. Rev. Ron Koonce came from Moldova to help coordinate transportation. Rev. Masayuki Kachi and six Japanese volunteers helped with cooking, technical expertise, financial support, and organizing skills. Mr. Tsutomu Mogushi from World CARP in Russia co-chaired the rallies with Gunnard Johnston.

It was the Lithuanians who exceeded all precedents and supplied the lion's share of the love power to bring guests. They reached out far and wide to embrace this tucked-away corner of the world, and they made a very positive impression! 

Working non-stop from August 28 until September 16, starting at 4:00 AM every day and often continuing until midnight, these young Lithuanians embraced the challenge with “courage, faith, and unstoppable determination,” as Jun Sook Moon commented during morning devotions that following day. They digested every challenge with the will to overcome all obstacles, and this is to their eternal credit.

Mrs. Satsuko Johnston reported that she focused on investing prayer and sincere heart. “We went to a total of 20 cities and towns to gather up people,” she said. They rented many buses and gave tours of Vilnius, the capital city. There was some confusion in getting everyone to the right place on time, and bus drivers from out of town were unfamiliar with the streets of the capital. “In our situation one person was doing the work of ten people’s responsibilities,” she said, “and in this situation the spirit world helped so much. As True Mother said during Peace Tour II in June: ‘Lithuania is a Christian nation, and the good spirits are very excited to help in this time.’”

The young Lithuanians are continuing to spread a “true family culture.” They have been visiting leaders of organizations who mobilized their members to attend the events. They are hosting luncheons and dinners through the nation and giving follow-up presentations.







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