May 26, 2019


October 8, 2006

Participant Comments

Lic. Elizabeth Sánchez, Education Manager at “Children’s Park”
Well, I thank the Peace Federation and In Sup Park, for it is a great blessing for us to meet him. We have listened to the message he has brought us, the message of an ideal family, the message to love God more than Adam and Eve, more than Jesus; more than all the love they could have given. It is honestly a huge blessing to hear the message that came directly from Rev. Moon in Korea. I’m truly grateful and happy for having you in Ecuador. Thank you.

Crnl. Carlos Suarez
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to a friend, Crnl. Ney Velastegui, who brought me here. Honestly, this is the first time I participated in an event of this nature, and it has satisfied me completely to receive so many deep messages of peace and love, because they are so needed in our world. I feel that the Moon family must be guided by God for dedicating their lives to sharing peace all around the world, doing something that nobody was able to do in so many years of history. All the principles that I just heard  are new to me. The simplicity with which they were transmitted to me has filled my heart. I will be one of the people who will share this same message, the message of love and peace, to the world.

Pastor Castulo Leiton (Evangelical minister)
It has been a great privilege for me to participate in such an important event. I think all the prophets and saints would have participated if this had occurred during their time. Jesus spoke of a time of blessing, and this moment has reached us. Now we can live so close to the message of universal peace and be Ambassadors for Peace. We are so honored to receive a representative of Father Moon and so pleased to receive from him the same message of universal peace. I’m very happy that I could listen to all the lectures. I feel that true wisdom was preached here. I hope to fulfill all my responsibilities as an Ambassador for Peace.

Eng. Crnl. Ney Velastegui (general manager of a company)
Today we began a great celebration for world peace. We want to thank Rev. Moon for all that he is giving to the world, teaching all the generations to unite for the benefit of the world. Where there is peace, nations will experience economic, political and social development. Peace is the only hope of the world. God bless our nation, all the nations and Rev. Moon. He is making something that no one had been able to do before: peace.

Dr. Luis Chavez (Lawyer)
I think that as time passes and generations die, only ideas, actions and accomplishments will endure through time and space. This movement, led by Rev. Moon, is doing a good job of transmitting the message of peace and love, which is the ideal of our creator, our only God, and spreading this message all over the world. Congratulations to Rev. Moon, his wife, and his family, as he mentions the three generations of grandparents, parents and children. Only through peace is there love and understanding. 







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