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October 1, 2006
Miguel Werner and Dagmar Corales

Report and Photos(PDF)

In the spectacular Gran Salon of the Hotel Panamericano, located in downtown Buenos Aires, Mrs. Moon to some, True Mother gave a speech that was interrupted 46 times by spontaneous rounds of applauses. The ballroom was originally set up for 550 guests, but additional chairs were brought in to hold the overflow audience of 750 guests. Welcoming remarks were given by Alberto Stecco, former National Congressman, with additional comments by Sheij Rayi Mahmut, President of the Druse Community of Argentina, and by Mahatma Sergio Griffa Krishananda, President of the Argentinean Parliament of Religions and representative of Hinduism in Latin America.

“To talk about peace is the mission of humanity and is the only way  man can come to his full realization. We are feeling a great responsibility, together with those who are giving us this distinction, everyone present here and all of humanity,” said Omar Chafi Félix, mayor of the City of San Rafael, Province of Mendoza. He spoke representing all of the 14 newly appointed Ambassadors for Peace.

The profound sense of love manifested in this special meeting with Mrs. Moon was reaffirmed afterwards through the many comments by the audience.

Hotel Panamericano, “Gran Salón Panamericano”

Earlier in the afternoon, Kook Jin Moon gave the Founder's address in the same hall, and 170 people participated, predominantly teens and young adults. Before his speech, Carlos Varga, President of CARP (Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles)-Argentina, gave a short introduction to the “Pure Love” Campaign. The Blessing ceremony was officiated by UPF President Gustavo Giuliano and wife Roswitha.

“The parents liked [the speech]. I told them to forget about their prejudices, and when they left they were very grateful. One has to put heart into the matters of the mind.” Those were the comments of Miguelina Villalva, Advisor for Families, who brought a group of parents and children to the event. Also in attendance were guests of Mario Carreras, General Secretary of the Workers’ Union of Argentina. Among the new Ambassadors for Peace were Gabriel Di Masi from the City Council of Lanús and Roberto D’Anna, publisher of the “Flores de Papel” and “Rivadiario” newspapers.

Afterward, Kook Jin went for an extensive walk through downtown Buenos Aires, accompanied by Juan Jose Egul.


Family Federation for World Peace Headquarters 

Mr. Hyung Jin Lee gave the principal speech at the Buenos Aires Headquarters of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.Renowned martial arts instructor and world champion in taekwondo Mr. Sergio Tejadawas given the distinction of  Ambassador for Peace. The blessing and holy water ceremonies were presided over by Eduardo and Kessinee Corales.

Staff members shared with Hyung Jin some special moments at lunch in the famous harbour and tourist area “Puerto Madero,” followed by a visit to the frigate “Libertad,” a floating museum, which is circumnavigating the world on a regular basis, serving as the instruction vessel for Argentina’s future Marine Corps.

Buenos Aires Peace Embassy

Several Ambassadors for Peace gave a heartfelt welcome to Mr. In Sup Park at their meeting at the Buenos Aires Peace Embassy. Alberto Stecco, former National Congressman, gave an interesting introduction to Rev. Moon’s work for peace, which, in his words, “comes as a relief after the dry spell of chaos and war in this world, giving us an unparalleled message through three generations."

The Blessing and holy water ceremonies were presided over by Andres and Alzira Melgarejo. Distinguished tenors Rafael Turi and Rafaello Benetti lifted the atmosphere with their music.

ASEPROFAR Foundation, Buenos Aires

The ASEPROFAR Foundation of Dra. Ana Molinari was graced by the  presence of three Catholic nuns. The many Ambassadors for Peace in the audience witnessed the exceptional approach of Ms. Shin Mi Moon, who made a valiant attempt to break the barriers of language through her heart-warming presence. Dra. Molinari expressed her deep admiration for the life-long work of Mr. and Mrs. Moon. One Catholic nun offered an ecumenical prayer. Ricardo and Elsa Gómez officiated at the Blessing Ceremonies.

Vicente Casares (Cañuelas), Seminar Center of the Unification Movement

The Seminar Center of Vicente Casares (Cañuelas) had the unique presence of a choir and a musical group to prepare the atmosphere for the message given by Mr. Shin Il Moon. The holy wine, holy water and offering ceremonies were officiated by Mr. and Mrs. Apolonio Dantas. A special local choir made their musical offerings as well. After the meeting and a lunch shared at the premises, Shin Il, joined by Shin Bok, came to know the famous tourist area “La Boca.” Together they experienced “Boca magic” for themselves in “La Bombonera” sports stadium, where the local team was winning.

Evangelical Church “Cristo es Realidad,” Laferrere

Headed by Pastor Emiliano Gimenez, an Ambassador for Peace, this church was previously the site of a large ceremony to rededicate the marriages of many couples. On this occasion, the main speaker was Hirotaka Otsuka, with Ruben and Maria Montero officiating at the Blessing and holy wine ceremonies.

Evangelical Church “El Maestro te Llama,” Laferrere

Some 120 people came to listen to the main speech given by Mr. Shin Bok Hong.José and Rosario Ochoa organized and guided the event.

Evangelical Church “Mi Amigo Fiel,” Gonzalez Catan

José Gomez, who together with his wife Shee Kim, officiated at the Blessing ceremonies, noted that, “because she was received with so much human warmth, Ms. Jin Hwa Yoshida gave a very inspired reading of the official speech, for which the Christian community expressed their wholehearted gratitude.”  Pastors Emilio Elhamond and Raul Pereyra noted a strong interest in knowing more about the movement and its Founders.

10. Evangelical Church “Centro Familiar Cristiano,” Gonzalez Catan

Before the main speech, Pastor Sergio Palacio shared his views about the value of family unity, a good relationship in marriage and the importance of purity among adolescents. The audience of about 100 people was delighted with the musical contributions of Mrs. Ria Elgul, who brought her native Indonesian music to this part of the world. There was also an artistic dance performance by the local Christian community in preparation for the event. The main speaker Ms. Shin Sook Moon, “showed an exceptional sense of flexibility and sacrifice by coming directly from the airport to the Church Center,” remarked Dagmar Corales, who together with husband Alfredo Corales were the officiators at the Blessing ceremonies. Afterwards, together with the staff members, Shin Sook shared lunch at a typical Argentinean restaurant.

Club Barrio Parque, Moron

This event was organized by the Officiators Sergio and Rosetta Castellón, with the help of many other families. Mr. Young Jun Kim gave the official speech and Roberto Omar Seijo, Peace Ambassador, remarked: “What an excellent event, full with feeling and love, working on constructing a conglomerate of true Ambassadors for Peace and ideal families! All of this to achieve true love.”

Evangelical Church “Pregonero de Justicia”, Rafael Castillo, Province of Buenos Aires

The atmosphere to receive Ms. Shiori Kunitoki was full with “praises to the Lord,” since Pastor Marcelino Miranda prepared the audience with the constant reminder, that it was “the Day of God’s Blessing.” People followed the reading of the speech with great interest. Pastor Miranda expressed his gratitude that UPF choose this humble community for their Blessing ceremony. “Always straight ahead, Moon Family” he said, not caring about the considerable persecution him and his wife experienced from their own community, just a few days before the event. Omar and Maria Sabini were responsible for the various ceremonies and were delighted that Shiori took photos with babies and children of the local community.

At morning devotions the following day, Mother Moon encouraged Ambassadors for Peace to consider their appointment a responsibility to transmit happiness and blessing to society. She commented about language differences, including the difficulty Spanish-speaking people have in pronouncing Hak Ja Han because the letter ‘h’ is silent in Spanish. “We are dreaming of a unified world,” she added. “English is a ‘language of brotherhood,’ but it is not complete. In Korean you have many more expressions of respect.”

The CARP group sang “Mira Lejos Hermano” with Carlos Varga; after that, Mara Quipildor led the children’s choir in a potpourri of different songs. True Mother congratulated them and encouraged them to polish their Korean pronunciation.

After that, the True Grandchildren sang, and Shin Mi offered reflections about their experiences in Argentina: “It is an honour for us to do this Tour together with our True Parents, even though the tour requires a lot of effort. You and the Peace Ambassadors, please take on the responsibility to give the Grandparents a rest.”

Her sister Shin Sook added: “We are very happy to be here with you. In all the different places we went to yesterday, your warmth and passion touched all of us, and that’s why we feel a lot of hope. I’m also very happy to meet my relatives on this tour. I’m very young and just got married, but I want to have children soon and can’t wait to see my grandchildren.” Together they sang the Korean song “Sarang Hae.”

Kook Kin commented: “I thank all of you for your efforts to make this victory happen. I know, that it must have been a great challenge for you to do 12 events in one day. If we understand the message and the life of our True Parents, we will be able to extend ourselves and grow just like God wishes for us to do so. The conflict in the Middle East between different religious traditions reflects the conflict we have in this world. At a time of weakness and corruption in Christianity, Islam grew with the message that we all have Allah as our only God, but this wasn’t enough to embrace the whole world. We need a higher understanding of the essence of God and His Heart. True Parents’ message gives us the possibility to embrace the world. Have faith and take the love of True Parents to your homes, to your families and to your contacts. Then this nation will reflect what God desires.”

Final note:

There was an intensive week-long preparation before the day of the event. Rev. Song and Dr. Furuta, together with the community of blessed families, Ambassadors for Peace and Christian pastors were busy practically 24 hours every day in preparing the very complicated and minute details that had to be worked out in order for everything to happen successfully and smoothly.

For every venue there was someone to read the official text in Spanish, a couple to officiate at the blessing, a master of ceremonies, and someone to pick up the speaker at the airport and accompany him or her to the meeting. The speakers arrived by air in two groups from Montevideo, Uruguay. Since most of the events began at 11 a.m., so people could participate in the main event that evening with True Mother, some speakers arrived late for their own events. In some cases, they went directly from the airport to the site without an opportunity to stop and freshen up at the hotel. Their graciousness was very moving.






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