May 26, 2019

United States: 4-Generation Families Attend Mother’s Speech

Rev. Michael W. Jenkins
New York, USA
September 3, 2006

The New York leg of the True Parents and Three Generations of True Family Third International Tour of the Universal Peace Federation was a great success.

New York was truly blessed to be with True Mother as she delivered her historic message at the majestic Manhattan Center’s Hammerstein Ballroom. This ballroom was well suited to be the place to host this evening’s event. True Mother’s beauty, strength and confidence could be felt by all, as she spoke in her native tongue. The atmosphere was warm in response to the message and messenger.

The stage was set to receive the many gems that were to be displayed as over 2000 people came to support this leg of the 40-nation, 480-city tour of 3 generations of the True Family.

Support for this event came from State Senator Ada Smith of the NY State Senate and Mrs. Vivian Cook, a member of the State Assembly. Connecticut’s Senator Joseph Lieberman has been very supportive of the tours.

The evening began with Mr. Alan Inman, the pre-program Master of Ceremonies, introducing “Han,” a Korean folk drum performance, followed by the wonderful WestRock Family Choir. Seiko Lee as always graced us with her beauty and song.

There were a number of special guests, among them the Ambassador of Zambia, one of United Nations dignitaries who joined with others after attending an IIFWP meeting with Karen Smith prior to True Mother’s speech.

The main program began when Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins as the M.C., introduced the distinguished Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo of Zambia to offer the invocation.

One of the night’s jewels was to see Archbishop and Maria Milingo together; they have both been through so much to make True Parents’ historic blessing a reality in their lives.

Senator Larry Pressler, one of the most ethical and principled members of the Senate, shared words of encouragement for the work of True Parents. He spoke warmly that only True Parents can consistently bring such diverse people together to work for a better world.

Dr. Yang as always spoke with dignity and filial piety, as he delivered Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak’s message.

Bishop George Augustus Stallings gave True Mother an introduction like no other; he gave Mother such joy as she walked onto the stage.

Mr. Hafiz Farid, a writer and filmmaker who was together with Father in Danbury Prison, presented flowers to True Mother together with Evangelist Carolyn Younger-Nolan of the Black Families International. Evangelist Nolan felt so strongly Mother Moon’s love when she proudly presented her family of 4 generations, along with many others who were gathered and were publicly recognized for living together with 3 generations.

During the Holy Blessing Ceremony officiated by Rev. and Mrs. Jenkins, the audience shared in this communion of true love, true life, true lineage and true family. These same words were chanted as we said goodbye to True Mother and bad her victory on this journey with True Family as they continue to travel throughout the world.

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