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September 8, 2006

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The city of Milano was chosen to host the main event in Italy with Dr. Hyun Jin Moon as the featured speaker. Staff members arrived early to pray and prepare, and the conference room was completely full as the program began.

The Ven. Dr. Lama Lobsang Lungrik from Tibet and Dr. Mohamed Danova, Muslim leader in charge of interreligious dialogue and Islamic culture at the Milan Mosque, both gave opening prayers, expressing the inter-religious spirit of the Universal Peace Federation. After two traditional Napoli songs by Prof. Sergio Cati, Ambassador for Peace, the Holy Wine Ceremony for blessing in marriage was held. Rev. Joong Hyun Pak read the Chairman’s Address. As Dr. Moon entered onto the stage he started to explain the common points between Koreans and Italians. The whole audience was delighted and uplifted, feeling his joyful spirit. During the speech he expressed an enthusiasm to usher in a new heavenly era. Several times applause rising from the audience caused him to pause, as his power continuously grew through to the conclusion of the speech. Five new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed, among them religious leaders, local politicians and journalists.

At morning devotions the next day Hyun Jin Moon spoke about the significance of true love, giving the impression to those gathered that they were seeing and experiencing a version of his father Sun Myung Moon in his youth. He encouraged them to have the same passion to live and to believe in a better future as a child does!
The impressive Provincial Government Hall provided an elegant venue for Mr. In Sup Pak’s visit to the city of Pesaro for the Third World Peace Tour, where UPF received an official welcome by a representative of the Provincial Government. Joining Mr. Pak at the table were two Ambassadors for Peace who had been in Geneva for Rev. Moon's visit in July. Other Ambassadors for Peace were present for the program.

Rome’s Universal Peace Federation staff was delighted to receive the 40-Nation World Peace Tour. An overflow audience came to listen to the Founder’s grandson, Mr. Shin Il Moon, present eternal truths reaching into the heart of God and the purpose of life. There is something very special about lineage. Imagine the satisfaction of grandparents seeing their grandchildren take their life’s message of peace and love around the world! He delivered the speech well and also shared personally, telling everyone that he is more accustomed to being an engineer than a reverend, and talking about his own intercultural marriage blessing.

The welcoming remarks were made by Dr. Tarekegne Taka, president of Ethiopian community in Italy, who inspired all with his vivid testimony to Father and Mother Moon's work for peace and his own experience of receiving an award from them in 1995. After the speech the President of the Married Priests Association of Italy presented one of two congratulatory addresses made by Ambassadors for Peace. The whole event was well supported by the presence of the Korean and Japanese elders whom Father Moon appointed to work in Italy.
Ms. Shin Sook Moon brought with her the spirit and heart of the True Family to our historic North Italian city of Bergamo. Relatives and guests gathered to greet her as a representative of this remarkable family of three generations working for world peace. From among the 120-strong audience five new Ambassadors for Peace proudly received their awards. Many hearts were touched by this beautiful young lady delivering a message of such depth with such a bright and warm heart.

In Torino Regional Parliament Member Giampiero Leo welcomed Mr. Hirotaka Otsuka and the Universal Peace Federation by expressing his gratitude for Father Moon’s critical role in defeating communism and by declaring his pride in being an Ambassador for Peace. Mr. Otsuka represented Father and Mother Moon with dignity and delivered the Founders' speech with a deep heart. He recognized that everybody—members, guests and Ambassadors for Peace—could restore their hearts through the precious words of peace.  And he spoke of how he always feels hope when he watches the beautiful young second generation, declaring that, “The basis for educating our children is not organization but the family.”

The largest city in Southern Italy, Napoli, is a great centre of culture and a world heritage site. That evening the large conference room of the Hotel dei Platani in that city was filled with a high spiritual atmosphere. Ms. Shiori Kunitoki, on behalf of her husband's grandparents, announced the coming of a new culture—the world God has been longing for, the ‘Kingdom of the peaceful ideal world.’ She came to the podium with a calm, spiritual beauty which fascinated guests and members alike. It touched all hearts and minds to see the substantial fulfillment of three generations serving God and humanity. Italy is seeing a new Renaissance!
The reporters from a local TV station in Varese came to interview UPF Secretary General Mauro Sarasso on the eve of a very significant day for the Federation’s work in the city. The event took place in the 17th-century splendor of the Villa Ponti, where distinguished Professor Giosue Romano introduced Ms. Yeon Sun Yu who came as an emissary from Father and Mother Moon and declared a message of peace rooted in the love of God and the sanctity of the family. The audience included many students invited by our second generation. She spoke with great confidence and poise. The beautiful Villa Ponti provided a fitting setting for this heavenly representative of the King and Queen of Peace.
Ms. Jin Hwa Yoshida arrived in Firenze from Rome about one hour before our evening event was to begin. The message was delivered with such grace and purity of spirit that everyone was deeply moved. Our guest speaker stayed after the conference to mingle and to share her heart, which was very much appreciated by all. Before she left we were so happy to hear that she wanted to return to our beautiful city in the future. One sports educator received an Ambassador for Peace Award in recognition of his intercultural exchange work between young people in Italy and Nepal. Everyone was delighted  and uplifted by the beautiful singing of one young guest and her newly composed song ‘Desiderio di Pace.’ A music editor who came for the first time to UPF offered to print the CD for free and for the song to be distributed during the World Peace Tour.

Mr. Young Jun Kim was warmly welcomed by members and guests to Bologna, city of exhibitions, with its ancient university and 100,000 students. Our VIP speaker, representing the Consul for the Kingdom of Morocco in Bologna, applauded this amazing Peace Tour, and he was appointed as one of four new UPF Ambassadors for Peace. Mr. Kim, an experienced speaker, did justice to the depth of Father Moon's message and stayed to share generously with the audience after the event.






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