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Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia

September 13, 2006

Full Report and Photos(PDF)

BRATISLAVA -On Wednesday, September 13, 2006 Ji Yea Park arrived in BRATISLAVA, the Slovak capital to deliver the peace message of True Parents.

We had rented a beautiful hall in the Baroque Zichy Palace which is located in the heart of the old town. Among the new guests was a bishop of the Hussite Church.  To present another aspect of True Parents’ work we invited IRFF Slovakia to give a report about their “Service for Peace” project in Zambia.

In the reception hall there was an exhibition with pictures of African children, and a table with information material about IRFF activities at home and abroad. Petra Calovkova, who was at the end of the event awarded the Ambassador of Peace certificate, explained IRFF’s project for orphans and poor children in a northern district of Zambia. Right afterwards, donations were collected and the Sunday School choir sang songs for the African children.

When Mrs Ji Yea Park came to the podium, people were delighted because of her graceful appearance. Slovak women are beauty and fashion oriented, so it was a straight road for Ji Yea Nim. Her reading was very fluent and pleasant to the ear, her smile softened the hearts of our guests, though the content was demanding to understand.

Finally, our sister Virginia sang Amazing Grace together with a small choir of 4 young sisters. This brought a very good conclusion to the evening and we were able to express our gratitude by inviting JiYea Nim to a nearby Chinese restaurant to celebrate together. 

DUNAJSKA LUZNA - 15 kilometers from Bratislava, is the location for the seminar centre of UPF in Slovakia. On the 13th September it also became the venue for one of twelve World Peace Tour events spread across East Europe. The program started with music including traditional Slovak wedding songs.

Dr. Rakovsky, who leads a project to rehabilitate drug addicts, gave the congratulatory address and also received a Peace Ambassador Award. Mr. In Sup Pak was our True Family representative. His presence provided that substantial connection to our Founders, Father and Mother Moon – it was not only words, but also a living example of a three generational family living for the sake of the world.  As you can see in the pictures we went out to a restaurant to celebrate in the evening – it was such a joyful and relaxed time together


The fact that we could welcome a member of True Family in our city of NITRA amazed us all and made us understand how much True  Parents want to reach to every corner of the world  and embrace each child of God. Mr. Shin Bok Hong arrived in Nitra with just enough time to eat typical Slovak food and see the sights. The event took place  in the historical former Town Hall now used as a museum of Nitra’s rich history. Shin Bok could experience something of our history and then also our culture through the performance of a folk group. We in turn could learn of the true love culture, the  foundation for lasting peace, through Father Moon’s peace message read very eloquently by his grandson. After the program we could share a more intimate time over dinner and talk  about our families and experiences with Mr. Hong.


PILZEN a city of 270 thousand in western Bohemia had the honor, for the first time in  its history, to welcome a member of the Moon family. The beautiful, historical hall,  wonderfully arranged flowers on the stage and the  performance of the choir singing Czech folk songs created a warm and familiar atmosphere so that our guests could open their hearts. Father Moon’s message was given by Mr. Young Jun Kim. He appeared on the stage bright, smiling and charming. In his introduction he emphasized the struggle of the Czech people for democracy. He won their hearts even more when he thanked them in the Czech language before he left the stage. His speech was dynamic and full of hope. Through the event several local VIPs could get to  know about UPF and its projects for  peace.  Dr. Aromát Horak from West Czech University gave the introductory words. The mayor of Horazdovice, the town where the choir comes from, received an Ambassador for Peace certificate. One grandmother testified with tears as to how moved she was by this three-generational World Peace Tour. It was a wonderful day for the city of Pilzen!





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